Clara AI is the first remotely hosted cost-containment solution capable of monitoring
purchase to payment transactions in close to real time.
We created Clara AI to change the way business thinks.
Clara AI. Demand Intelligence.

Case Studies

Clara AI brings you the power of AI applied to cost recovery.

Why Clara AI

Clara AI is a remotely hosted AI as a Service (AIaaS) solution capable of ingesting large volumes of unstructured data. Utilizing machine learning technology combined with human expertise, Clara AI has the ability to learn your specific business requirements and continuously improveĀ  performance. Clara AI learns, analyzes, interprets and delivers insights for audit, supply chain and recovery.

The power of Artificial Intelligence.

Clara AI is an efficient and painless way to introduce the power of Artificial Intelligence to core financial requirements, including external audit of customs and duties and other purchase to payment transactions.

Case Studies

Demand Intelligence

Arrange for a presentation of Clara AI to your senior management team today. We’ll show you how to get AI working for you now.