How it works

Drag and drop data to the Clara AI secured server.
Clara AI ingests data in multiple formats. No preparation is required.

It starts with Data

Upload Data

We provide a list of data required for your review, such as MVL, G/L, COA, AP, PO files, tax reports and Import/Export activity reports. Data is exported from your ERP system into an Excel (.csv) file format. RTA Corp provides a link to our secured server along with a unique access password. You simply drag and drop your files from desktop to the Client Portal.

Self-learning Solution

All transactions are streamed into the Clara AI application. There are no limits to the volume of data Clara AI is capable of reviewing. It’s easier to send everything rather than selecting certain data sets. Our Data Services team applies Clara AI algorithms to identify and segregate anomalies. Clara AI is a self-learning solution and designs custom algorithms specific to your business.

Review, Interpret, Report

The Clara AI Recovery Services Team reviews and interprets the findings to determine the nature of the identified anomalies. Legislative knowledge of current laws, rulings and precedents is applied. On completion, the team provides a Detailed Report outlining the identified areas of recovery, the supporting reasoning, and recommended steps to reduce or eliminate errors in future.

Prepare and Submit Claims

Prepare and
Submit Claims

On acceptance and approval of the report, the Clara AI Recovery Services Team will prepare and submit your claim(s). The team will represent you and support your claim(s) with all the necessary vendors and legislative bodies.

Clara AI. Demand Intelligence.

Arrange a presentation of Clara AI to your senior management team. We can get AI working for you now.