Special projects – Data Integration and Interpretation

International Manufacturer


AI Case Study: An international manufacturer/distributor with operations throughout North America commissioned Clara AI to perform an analysis of existing data collected and residing within internal systems. The client has sophisticated vendor management systems supported by SAP erp. Clara AI was able to integrate and ingest the data sources to provide the client insights to specific areas of their supply chain as defined by the client.

Existing Client Audit Cycle:

Daily internal operational level, monthly internal operational level, annual internal management level, annual external

Client Challenge:

Terabytes of data captured in residing systems that remained “dark”, inaccessible and unmined.

Clara AI Project Scope:

Integrate data sets across the client infrastructure to perform specific audit functions as defined by the client.

Clara AI Results during Proof of Concept:

The client realized an immediate increase in error identification. The client was provided with alternate applicable legislative rulings providing percentage savings ranging from 3 to 18% of cost of goods sold. Clara AI analysts provided documented legislation supporting the Clara AI generated option. The client has implemented the change going forward. Clara AI completed the retroactive recoveries representing 3.6% of the total spend analyzed.

Client Decision Moving Forward:

Client engaged Clara AI to perform cost recovery and variance analysis functions on a monthly basis. Client was able to reassign seven analysts to higher value functions.

Approximate number of client hours saved annually using Clara AI:


Client hours saved annually