International Retailer


An international retailer commissioned Clara AI to review p2p transactions after their normal audit cycle was completed. The standardized audit path included daily and weekly operational analysis, quarterly and annual external analysis and a final third party review. Clara AI was provided the exact same data set basis before the external audit was completed. Clara AI was able to identify and complete recovery of 2.1 million dollars in Customs Duty paid.

Existing Client Audit Cycle:

Daily internal operational level, weekly internal operational level, monthly internal operational level, quarterly internal and external, annual internal and external

Clara analysis results after Audit Cycle in a 6th position:

2.1 million

Client Decision Moving Forward:

Client has commissioned Clara AI to perform monthly analysis and completed recovery services, replacing weekly, monthly and quarterly internal, quarterly external and annual external audits.

Approximate number of client hours saved annually using Clara AI:




Client hours saved annually