Clara AI was designed as a remotely-hosted continuous monitoring solution. A seamless transition from traditional audit to emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, supporting real time business analytics.

The Challenge

The emergence of analytics and data technology, coupled with the evolution of enterprise resource planning systems, began to outpace the traditional 3rd party services available to client corporations. At the same time, automated risk management or continuous monitoring systems were emerging to assist client corporations with their management of data analysis from disparate internal sources. These new software systems required costly investments, on-site installations, ERP integrations, staffing resources, training, maintenance fees, as well as approval and involvement of the IT departments. The potential benefits were tremendous, but there were many obstacles to overcome.

Why Clara AI

The Solution

RTA Corp identified the need in the marketplace for a seamless transition from traditional audit to emerging technologies supporting real time business analytics. By applying lean principles to audit cycles, we designed Clara AI as a remotely-hosted continuous monitoring solution. Our contingency-based revenue recovery model allows companies to experience the benefits of AI as a service, delivered by the Clara AI solution. Our human/artificial intelligence hybrid approach to external audit is able to apply dynamic analytics to simple extracts available from today’s ERP systems. Clara AI provides close to real time analytics and complete cost containment as a service to our client corporations.

Case Studies

Our Purpose

Businesses lose revenue every day as a result of transactional error. At RTA Corporation, our purpose is to increase our clients’ profits and give them a competitive advantage by identifying and recovering unrealized revenues as they occur. RTA Corp is an AI Practitioner. We do this using a self-learning solution and custom algorithms, delivered by experienced legislative and financial recovery professionals. We offer this as a simple and complete service called Clara AI.

Future Focused

RTA is future focused. Analyzing transactions from procurement to payment, we utilize state-of-the-art technology combined with an in-depth understanding of current legislations, vendor trends and invoicing anomalies. Our ultimate purpose is helping customers by offering a competitive advantage resulting in improved business performance.

Recovery Leaders

The RTA Corp team includes former managers of leading 3rd party audit firms. With our technology partners, RTA Corp has developed a disruptive option for the recovery industry. We recognized there was a gap in the industry between 3rd party audit and continuous monitoring solutions. The RTA team has overcome every obstacle to implementation. Clara AI by RTA Corp is changing the way businesses and the recovery industry think and operate.

Clara AI. Demand Intelligence.

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